Ice2Heat Large, Full Body Wrap

$29.95 $59.95

The most high quality ice pack and heat pack wrap on the market. Backed with a 100% Quality Assured 1 Year Guarantee.

Use as treatment for

Pre and post surgery, Dislocations, Strains and sprains, Overuse injury, Ligament and joint injury, Cramps, Back pain, Menstrual Cramps, Bruising and general soreness. 

Use hot tap water for soothing heat therapy and increased blood flow. 

Use Ice or cold water to control pain, swelling and inflammation. 


Use on any part of your body, specifically designed for larger areas 

Hot and Cold Therapy for larger areas of the body including, Shoulder, Chest, Neck, Hamstrings, Thigh, Groin, Back,knee,Hip, Belly (for menstrual cramps) and Glutes. 



1x 11″ Ice2Heat bag (for hot and cold therapy) 

1x Ice2Heat Large Universal Compression Wrap

1 Year Guarantee 

Super Fast Delivery 

Goods Shipped Daily (before postal pick up)

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